Drop-In Centre, Talks and Workshops

During 2017 there have been 3 drop–in centre events at Braddan Church New Hall in the Isle of Man. These were quite informal, lasted 2 to 3 hours, and refreshments were supplied in the way of tea, coffee and biscuits.

These events will continue to be free for 2018.

At these events there were:

  • 60+ books, publications and resources available for reference reading.
  • A catalogue of 70+ original Knox works available for viewing, handling and hearing more aboutObviously attendees have to choose which they wish to see at the next meeting as all of them cannot be brought along at once.

Attendees are also encouraged to bring along any items they wish to show and/or talk about.

  • Film of the lecture given at The 2014 Olympia Exhibition by Anthony Bernbaum was shown and discussed. This was with the kind permission of Culture Vannin and Anthony Bernbaum.
  • Talks and practical workshops were also held.

If anybody has particular topics they would like to have discussed, please email akforum@manx.net and we will endeavor to research the subject and give the talk as soon as possible.

Although the drop–in centre events have been held at Braddan in 2017 there is the possibility that they will also be held at other venues in the future.