Visits to St Ninian's High School to see The Book of Remebrance, the Pedestal designed for its housing and The Roll of Honour.

Members will have the privilege of seeing these great works which are not usually displayed to the public.

Such visits will be restricted to a maximum of eight persons so that all will be able to see the works up close and ask questions.

The visits will be free to members.

The visits will have to be booked well in advance as the school has to continue to function as a place of learning.

No words or photographs can do the works justice but below, in the first 6 boxes, is the section from "Archibald Knox" edited by Dr Stephen A Martin. The section on these works was written by Linda M Cottier. As the text and images are taken from a book there is a point beyond which magnification leads to a blurry effect. However, we hope it gives an idea of these fabulous pieces.

The final 3 images show the Roll of Honour, Pedestal and Book of Remembrance in more detail

To quote from several people who came on a visit to see The Book of Remebrance in January 2020 "Blown away" - by the beauty, genius and skill of a work which one can scarce believe was created by human hand or mind.