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The Knox sunken garden on Harris Promenade was opened in September 2014 to commemorate Knox's 150th birth anniversary. The opening can be seen on the following link:

The Douglas Borough Council and Liam O'Neill, chairman of the Archibald Knox Society, collaborated to bring the project to fruition.

In the winter before the opening the wall and gardens had nearly been destroyed as a severe storm led to the sea breaching the sea wall and the garden walls.

All the  sunken gardens were originally created and completed in 1934. One of the councillors at the opening was William Knox, Archibald's elder brother. The plaque for that opening can be seen in the photographs below and the QR code is to the left of it.

The flowerbeds in the garden are planted so as to symbolise Knox motifs.

At a later date the pavement in the garden was enhanced by golden painted stencils of Knox jewellery and other items. The golden stencil work had weathered by 2021 and Gill Nicholls raised funds to have them regilded. Please see Archibald Knox Garden Project on Facebook.

Enjoy your walk through the garden and even if it is not the right time of year enjoy the photographs below.

Stencil of Knox jewellery design.

The plaque unveiled on 12 September 2014

Sunken gardens 1934 plaque

1934 plaque showing Councillor William Knox's name.