Peter Milne (died 31st December 1919)

Peter Milne died at home “The Waverley” Queen’s Promenade, Douglas aged 65 and he was interred on Saturday 3rd January 1920.

Isle of Man Examiner 3rd January 1920 wrote the following:

Douglas lost a very estimable citizen by the death of Mr Peter Milne, of “The Waverley”, Queen's Promenade, which took place early on the closing day of 1919. Mr Milne was a victim of cancer, the modern scourge. Up to last Spring he enjoyed excellent health, though an affection of the throat which seized upon him in February occasioned him some concern. Eventually the seizure took a malignant turn, and though there were occasional rallies, the disease on the whole gained ground. About three weeks ago Mr Milne's condition grew so bad that he was confined to the house. Fortunately he suffered little pain, and death when it came was easy. In June, 1916, Mr Milne was co-opted a member of the Douglas Town Council in respect of Athol Ward. He discharged the duties associated with membership in the conscientious fashion which was characteristic of the man. He had the confidence and respect of his fellow members of the Council, and indeed of all people with whom he came into contact. In everything he undertook he acted uprightly and with a full regard to the Golden Rule. Last November he was appointed chairman of the Sanitary Committee of the Council, and he also served on the Promenades and Stores committees. He was one of the founders of the Douglas Boarding-House & Lodging-House Keepers' Association, and for several years was president of the body. Personally he was most pleasant. Genial and kindhearted, his manner was a benediction, and he never tired of trying to make the lot of his fellows a happy one. He was a native of the Southern part of Scotland, and settled in Douglas over thirty years ago. His first venture was “The Waverley” Boarding-house on the Loch Promenade, where by his industry and courtesy he established a big connection. This connection followed him and increased substantially when he removed to “The Waverley”, Queen's Promenade. Indeed at the time of his death he conducted one of the biggest businesses in his own particular line in Douglas. He leaves a widow and four daughters. One of the daughters is the wife of Mr Thomas Woolcock, now of California; another is married to Mr A. A. Barron, borough surveyor of Minehead (formerly borough assistant surveyor of Douglas) while the remaining two are unmarried and reside at “The Waverley”.

Peter Milne DBC

The headstone some years ago

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The headstone on 20 May 2018


Left hand kerb


Right hand kerb



Thomas Quayle the stonemason