This clock model is the "Cymric" silver model 5053  which is very similar to the "Tudric" pewter model 0761, also designed by Archibald Knox for Liberty & Co.

The silver version can be seen in the book "Archibald Knox" by Dr Stephen A Martin (Artmedia Press) 2001, page 232.


ARCHIBALD KNOX (1864-1933) for LIBERTY & Co.

A large, silver architectural clock set with an enamel dial.

Size: Height 19 cm.

Marked for Liberty & Co. and ‘Cymric’. Hallmarks for B’ham 1903.

Photograph and description courtesy of Van Den Bosch.

It is presumed that this is model 5053 as it is the same as the one in “Archibald Knox” by Dr Stephen A Martin (Artmedia Press) 2001 page 232.

A rare silver Liberty & Co Cymric clock, designed by Archibald Knox, dated Birmingham 1902.  This is one of Knox’s largest clock designs, showing the influence of C.F.A. Voysey.  It is well known in pewter model 0761, but only one other silver version is known.  In silver it is model 5053.

This clock has a lovely play of green blue enamel, matching enamelled hands, and silver dial.  All the enamels are in excellent original condition. The clock dial reads “Festina Lente”.  The Festine Lente dial is a Knox original design seen on his sketch for his first clock, named the “Olaf”.  Festina Lente translates as “take it easy” or “more haste, less speed”, an everyday gaelic phrase on the Isle of Man.

The other known example of this clock in silver appears as a full page image on page 232 of Dr Stephen Martin’s book on Archibald Knox.

Provenance: Bonhams December 2020.

Maker: Liberty & Co

Designer: Archibald Knox

Date : 1902

Marks: L & Co, Birmingham, date letter “c”

Material: Sterling silver, enamel dial

Size: 20.5 cm high

Photograph and description courtesy of The Peartree Collection.