Illuminated lettering 18

Brief description


Dimensions   height: 130mm   width: 150mm

Organisation   Silver Studio

Person  Silver, Harry|||Knox, Archibald


This elegant Christmas card is unquestionably by Knox, since the Manx Museum has a copy in its collections initialled 'A.K.', which was presented to the museum by a personal friend of Knox.Probably by Harry Silver, and reflects his admiration for Archibald Knox and C.F.A. Voysey.A Christmas card by the Silver Studio in Art Nouveau style from around 1900. The design closely resembles some designs by Archibald Knox for Liberty's metalwork, with the addition of Voyseyesque birds. It is not known for sure whether or not the designer is Harry Silver or Archibald Knox. Whilst it seems likely that Harry Silver produced this Christmas card as the result of his studying the work of Knox and Voysey, both of whom he is known to have admired, the Manx Museum has a copy of this card bearing the initials 'A.K.' in its collections which would indicate that the more likely designer is Knox.

Date   ca. 1900

Photograph and description courtesy of Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA), Middlesex University, London.