An illuminated set of initials by Knox for one of his pupils at Douglas High School for Girls.

The girl's name was Jean MacLeod, although Knox has not included the "a" so it looks like Jean McLeod.

We are so grateful to Sheena Tucker (Jean's daughter) for the image and also this following little story so typical of Knox going by the stories I have heard over the years.

"But she (my mother) always felt sorry it was rather a come-down for him to end up doing that, especially with pupils like her who could not draw! However, he did a couple of lovely little watercolours in her autograph book, using her initials.

He was apparently fond of a colour he called "elephant grey" and, as she always pressed too hard with her pencil, he used to push her head down so her nose rubbed the paper, and tell her "You could plant potatoes in the furrows on your paper"!