claret 1

Manufacturer Liberty & Co.

Designer Archibald Knox

Description Magnificent silver & glass claret jug

Country of Manufacture England

Date 1902

Marks Marks for Liberty & Co & 'Cymric'

Size 31cms high

Other information Ref: Archibald Knox Stephen A. Martin, 2001. Page188

Photograph and description courtesy of Titus Omega.

Claret jug 1

Archibald Knox claret jug hallmarked 1902 which is on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

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Claret jug 1

A stunning Archibald Knox Liberty & Co Cymric silver claret jug hallmarked for Birmingham 1903. This is the exact claret jug which on page 188 of Steve Martin’s book on Knox, second edition.

It also appears as model 2065 in the Liberty Silver Sketch book.

The glass is by Harry Powell of Whitefriars.

The glass and silver are in excellent orginal condition.

Maker: Liberty & Co

Designer: Archibald Knox

Date : 1903

Marks: L&Co Liberty mark, Birmingham, date latter “d”, model 2065

Material: Sterling silver, Powell glass

Condition: Silver and glass excellent

Size: Height 29.5 cm

Photographs and description of this wonderful piece courtesy of The Peartree Collection.

There is also an image from the Libertt Silver Sketchbook.

Claret jug 2

Claret jug 3

Claret jug 4