Date made: 1914-1918
Artist: Knox, Archibald
Description: The calligraphy reads 'To the virtue of His Resurrection'. Page nine of bound volume.
Materials: watercolour on paper
Object name: book
Collection: Art Collection
ID number: 1958-0202/09

Page 9 of the bound volume of The Deer's Cry at the Manx Museum. "To the virtue of His Resurrection."

The first 5 words are above the very intricate pattern and the word 'RESURRECTION" below.

Is the verse represented by the Resurrection below leading to the virtue above? Are we looking at the world with all its complex interactions? Are we looking at a watch or clock mechanism? Are the yellow colours what was being hinted at in Page 8? The design and the world are beautifully balanced but if the top line of letters is slightly tilted to the right the part pointing down will stop the clock? All interesting, subjective and personal questions. Are any of them what Knox was trying to convey or what Knox thought - I don't know?

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