Brief description

Flat stylised flowers interlaced with leaves in blue, mustard and green design for a textile, possibly by Harry Napper or Archibald Knox for the Silver Studio, c.1900.

Dimensions: height: 710mm, width: 700mm

Organisation: Silver Studio


Flat, stylised flowers with interlaced leaves. Predominant colours are blue, mustard and green. This is a design for a textile by the Silver Studio from around 1900 featuring flowers and leaves in blue, mustard and green. The designer could have been Harry Napper, influenced by Archibald Knox's designs in the use of flat stylised flowers. Or, it could be by Knox himself, as the interlacing of flowers and leaves also resemble his work.

Date: ca. 1900

Type: design

Name: SD1271

Photograph and description courtesy of Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (MoDA), Middlesex University, London.