Watercolour 67

The Vale of the Neb

Date made: 1884-1933

Artist: Knox, Archibald

Description: A warm and colourful watercolour landscape by Archibald Knox (1864-1933) depicting the patchwork of small fields along the river valley of the Neb, probably between St Johns and the port of Peel on the Island's coast. The painting has the golden glow of a late summer/ autumnal scene and there appear to be 'stooks' (stacked sheaves) from the harvest in the foreground whilst mist obscures the hills in background. The title of the painting was given to it by the artist's niece, Miss C. Knox.

Measurements: unframed artwork: 45 cm x 58 cm

Materials: watercolour on paper

Photograph and description courtesy of Manx National Heritage via the link at imuseum.im.