Watercolour 76

The Hillside

Date made: 1884-1933

Artist: Knox, Archibald

Description: A minimalist watercolour by Archibald Knox (1864-1933) of a Manx hillside with a line of trees and a stone wall as the only detail. In contrast to his more typical panoramic views of the Manx landscape or skyscapes, the painting focuses on a relatively small area of a hillside. This painting, together with similar view by Knox, was an inspiration for the painting 'Bracken Mountain' by the late 20th century Manx artist, Norman Sayle (1926-2007). The artist is said to have painted his watercolour scenes in a few hours or less, but that he would also sit for hours waiting for the exact light and cloud formations that he wanted to paint.

Measurements: artwork: 40.5 cm x 54.5 cm; overall: 65 cm x 77.5 cm

Materials: watercolour on paper

Photograph and description courtesy of Manx National Heritage via the link at imuseum.im.