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St John's chapel's porch houses several wooden plaques in the shape of gothic arches. They name people who have received Manx honours and the third one in has the name of Archibald Knox as a Manx Patriot of Honour.

Very few people have been given the honour over 1,025+ years and one has to be dead before the honour can be bestowed. Knox was finally recognised in 2019.

Below is a tabulation of the 27 recipients of the honour Manx Patriot of Honour, This is a very select band of people dating back to 1095.

Roll of Honour
Title Dates Description Roll Tagline
Edward Christian 1600-1661 Governor of the Isle of Man, he was imprisoned in Peel Castle for trying to make the House of Keys a popularly elected body. His liberty for his people
William Christian - Illiam Dhone 1608-1663 The Island's Receiver General. Surrendered the Island to Parliamentary forces during the English Civil War and was later accused of treason and executed by the 8th Earl of Derby. Who would put trust in honour or power?
Rt Revd Isaac Barrow DD 1613-1680 Appointed both Bishop and Governor of the Isle of Man, he did much to improve the standard of clergy and schools on the Island. A father to his people
Rt Revd Thomas Wilson DD 1663-1755 Improved the academic and spiritual standards of the Island's people. He created libraries and restored most of the Island's churches. Beloved by the people
John Christian Curwen MP MHK 1756-1828 Served both as a Member of the House of Keys and as a Member of Parliament. A leading agricultural reformer. Social Reformer
Captain John Quilliam RN 1771-1829 Naval commander and MHK. Fought at the battle of Trafalgar as first lieutenant of Nelson's flagship Victory and had a distinguished naval career. He was highly esteemed and much respected by all
Sir William Hillary Bt 1771-1847 Heroic rescuer of shipwrecked mariners, he set up the scheme to build the Tower of Refuge and founded the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. Courage in the face of adversity
Eleanor (Nellie) Brennan 1792-1859 Douglas washerwoman who nursed those dying of cholera and became the first matron at the new Douglas Dispensary and Hospital. Ostracised for nursing cholera victims
William Kennish 1799-1862 A prolific and pioneering inventor who discovered a route to link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in Panama. Author of evocative Manx poetry. Manninagh Dooie, True Manxman
Robert Fargher 1803-1863 Journalist and founder of the Mona's Herald. Relentless campaigner for democratic elections. Political pioneer and patriot
James Brown 1815-1881 Journalist and founder of the Isle of Man Times. Challenged the unrepresentative nature of the House of Keys. He polished up the rusty Keys and bore the prize away...
Henry Bloom Noble 1816-1903 Businessman, entrepreneur, and benefactor. Endowed Noble's Hospital, Ramsey Cottage Hospital, St Ninian's Church, the Villa Marina and numerous trusts and charities. The Island's greatest benefactor
Sir James Gell CVO JP 1823-1905 Attorney General and First Deemster. Active campaigner for the developing rights and privileges of the Island. A deep loyalty to his people
Thomas Edward Brown 1830-1897 The Island's National Poet. He preserved the character of the Manx people in his unique narrative poems in Manx dialect. A prolific poet and letter writer. The next is where God keeps for me / A little island in the sea
Arthur William Moore CVO JP SHK 1853-1909 Speaker of the House of Keys and historian, author, collector, and chronicler of Manx life and history. A champion of the rights of the House
Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine CH KBE MHK 1853-1931 Bestselling author and playwright, member of the House of Keys, and campaigner for constitutional reform. A man of Manxland
Archibald Knox 1864-1933 Manx artist, designer and teacher who left behind a remarkable legacy that continues to inspire designers and collectors to this day. A humble servant of God in the ministry of the beautiful
Samuel Norris MLC 1875-1948 Journalist and politician. Vocal proponent for institutional reform and founder of the Manx Reform League. The fearless leader of Manx democracy
Marion Shimmin MHK 1879-1942 First female member of the House of Keys and campaigner for financial aid for the Manx fishermen. A most intelligent and capable lady
Sir Joseph Davidson Qualtrough CBE JP SHK 1885-1960 Speaker of the House of Keys and champion of the Island's campaigns for further constitutional reform. Increased independence for Man
Sir William Percy Cowley KBE 1886-1958 High Bailiff and Deemster. He was instrumental in the formation of the Manx National Trust. This land is his memorial
Mona Douglas MBE RBV 1898-1987 Writer and poet and collector of Manx songs, dances and folklore. Founder of the inter-Celtic festival Yn Chruinnaght. A poetess and dreamer
Major Robert Henry Cain VC TD 1909-1974 The only Manxman to be awarded the Victoria Cross, receiving it for gallantry at the Battle of Arnhem during the Second World War. Coolness and courage under fire
Sir Henry Charles Kerruish OBE LLD(hc) SHK CP 1917-2003 Distinguished politician and campaigner for greater Manx self-determination. He was the longest serving Presiding Officer in the Commonwealth and the first President of Tynwald. A constant champion of democracy
Hector Duff OBE MM BEM TH 1919-2020 WWII veteran who dedicated his whole life to public service and was committed to educating and promoting understanding of the reasons behind, and the realities of, world war. An example to us all. Tireless public service in conflict and peacetime
Mavis Kelly LRAM 1926-2005 Accomplished pianist and highly regarded teacher. Ran a children's choir, served on the Committee of the Manx Music Festival, and was the official accompanist for over 25 years. She imparted her great love of music to many
Godred Crovan d. 1095 Defeated the Manx at the battle of Skyhill and became the King of Mann and Isles. Also commonly known as King Orry. Founded the Kingdom of Mann and the Isles