Archibald Knox 22 February 1933

Born in Cronkbourne Village (c 700 metres away from Braddan New Cemetery) on 9th April 1864 to Scottish parents William and Ann. His siblings were :- 4 brothers - Robert, William, John and Carmichael, 2 sisters - Christina and Annie. The family moved to South Quay, Douglas where his father set up an engineering firm. Then to 70 Athol Street in Douglas where Archibald died suddenly on 22 February 1933.

As you will see below, originally the gravestone was grey and white.

Knox’s birthplace is less than 800 metres away from his grave. But what a story of a life and a genius there is in that journey.

Knox designed many gravestones, memorials and plaques some of which are in the same cemetery as his. It is believed that Knox designed this present one for a member of the Quayle family (Thomas Quayle’s stonemasonry company produced many of them in different designs and materials). However, there seems to have been a family disagreement, and when Knox died suddenly of heart failure on 22nd February 1933 it was thought appropriate to use one of his own designs on his gravestone.

See the wonderful Knox motifs, wheel cross and the fact that he also used the sides of the headstone.

Who did the lettering and who wrote the epitaph?  "Here lies Archibald Knox Artist…………….A humble servant of God, in the ministry of the beautiful.” Probably Winifred Tuckfield.

Winifred Tuckfield was a student of Archibald Knox in Surrey and was one of the founder members of the Knox Guild of Design and Craft in 1912. When she visited Knox's grave she sprinkled marigold seeds on it because she knew they were his favourite flowers

Knox grave 2017

A recent photograph of the headstone

Knox Grave 1930s

This is how the grave looked in the 1930s.

It has now weathered to a uniform grey colour.

Knox grave in 1930s - Copy

The famous quote on the headstone:

A humble servant of God in the ministry of the beautiful.

Jesu Mercy

Jesu Mercy (Jesu M'rcy) written on both side panels of the cross