Catherine Louise Quayle (died 21st June 1896)

Catherine Louise Quayle was the daughter of Thomas Quayle, the well known Douglas stonemason, and his wife Catherine. She died at the age of 22 and her headstone says "A GENTLE LIFE".

The Knox motifs on the memorial are numerous and at the centre of the cross is a heart - probably showing God's love to the world, as he uses it many times in The Deer's Cry. "Jesu Mercy" or "Jesus Mercy" is also used on many of his memorial stones.

Thomas Quayle died at 71 in 1910 and his son Thomas Stephen Quayle carried on the stonemasons' business. Many of the Knox memorials were produced by these two great stonemasons and their names are carved into many of the graves.

The photographs show the grave and close-ups of the headstone.

Chris Hobdell of The Archibald Knox Forum believes the stylised Thor's hammer amulet is Knox depicting the Viking history, then leading up to the Christianity of the Isle of Man. Please note that this is a personal view.

A stylised design of Thor's hammer amulet

Drawing of a 10th century Thor's hammer amulet discovered in late 19th century.