Jane Christian Callister (died 24th April 1925)

Mrs Callister, dearly loved wife of William Callister, died aged 67 at 6 Avondale Road, Onchan. William was the ex-schoolmaster of Onchan.

The funeral was held on Sunday 26th April with the procession leaving the Onchan address at 2.30pm.

Mona’s Herald newspaper of 29th April wrote as follows:

The "deceased lady was a native of Peel, but came to Onchan as a bride more than 40 years ago, and with the exception of the last two years, the whole of her married life was spent in the one house. During her early married life, she officiated, as was the custom with schoolmaster's wives in those days, as sewing mistress in the Village school, and many a matron in the Onchan district to-day can testify to the skill and patience with which she discharged her duties. The late Mrs Callister was of a genial disposition, and so long as health permitted, entered into the social life of the district with zest, and by the kindliness and real charity of her nature endeared herself to a large circle of friends.

The interment took place on Sunday, the near relatives attending the funeral being Messrs W. Callister (husband), Harry Callister (son), J. Cubbon (brother), Mrs Crellin (sister), Miss Cubbon (niece), Mr William Crellin and Mr A. Fletcher (nephews), Messrs Jno. Callister. E. Callister, A. Knox, Wm. Knox and W. Bentley. Among the members of the public present were Messrs G. F. Clucas, S.H.K., Wm. F. Cowell, H.K., G. A. Thomason, F. Newton, W. A. Craine, R. S. Cowin, A. Nivison, J. Corrin, S. Skillicorn, W. D. Cowin, H. Gell, T. R. Lewin, H. J. O'Neill, J. H. Skillicorn, J. T. Skillicorn, G. Poland, R. J. Shimmin, J. Shimmin, R. J. Wilkinson. Capt. Cannell, and many others.

The grave is in a poor state and seems very uncared for, even though the plaque says perpetual care.


The grave 20 May 2018