John Collister (died 22nd October 1925)

John Collister was a cabinet maker who lived at 32 Finch Road, Douglas and he died in his 84th year.

The funeral took place on Monday 26th October, leaving the above address at 11.30am.

The oblong green headstone is decorated with beautiful Knox lettering, Celtic motifs and down each side there is an elongated Celtic wheel cross.

John’s wife died less than 4 weeks later in her 79th year, and she was buried on 19th November 1925.

Collister 1925

The headstone some years ago



Close up 20 May 2018 under filtered light to enhance the lettering.


20 May 2018 showing the cross on the right side of the headstone.


20 May 2018 showing the cross on the left side of the headstone.