Necklace 3


A gold necklace set with turquoise & pearls.

English. Circa 1900.

Size: Height of central panel 2 cm. Width 1.6 cm. Total length 39.2 cm.

Lit.: Liberty Jewellery sketch-book, model number 8111.

Archibald Knox. Stephen A. Martin, 2001. Illustration page 251. (Cased)

Photograph and description courtesy of Van Den Bosch.



A really stunning Archibald Knox gold necklace set with blister pearls. See “Archibald Knox”, 2nd Edition, page 251, by Stephen Martin for the same necklace set with turquoise. This is model 8111 in the Liberty jewellery sketch book in the Westminster Archives.

Maker: Liberty

Designer: Archibald Knox

Date: c 1900

Marks: Unmarked

Material: Gold, blister pearl

Size: Length 42cm

Photographs and description courtesy of The Peartree Collection