Date made: 1914-1918
Artist: Knox, Archibald
Description: The calligraphy reads 'Against crafts of idolatry, against spells of women and smiths and druids, against every knowledge that defiles mens souls'. Page forty-four of bound volume.
Materials: watercolour on paper
Object name: book
Collection: Art Collection
ID number: 1958-0202/44

This is Page 44 of the bound volume of The Deer's Cry at the Manx Museum.

Knox has used an even darker palette for this page. The poisoning of the soul is even deeper on this page but there are some green colours in the interlacing design. I do not know what they are meant to represent./ The design is also mush longer and deeper than the previous page.

The words in the above paragraph are just my personal and subjective thoughts. Knox must have had so many ideas and thoughts behind this page and the other pages which, perhaps, we will never know.

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