Date made: 1914-1918
Artist: Knox, Archibald
Description: The calligraphy reads 'His Baptism'. Page six of bound volume.
Materials: watercolour on paper
Object name: book
Collection: Art Collection
ID number: 1958-0202/06

I will write a few short notes on what this illuminated illustration and lettering might mean to me, but this is a subjective, personal opinion.

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The word "BAPTISM" appears in a pool that the observer is looking down upon, and at Christ's baptism God stated that Jesus was His Son.

With that authority from God, and through the disciples, the apostolic succession was passed down to bishops and priests.

On the left the "HIS" with he long tail on the letter "H" may be a bishop's crosier (crook) showing that the bishop's authority, within the church, can be traced back to Jesus's baptism and is indeed linked to it as the crosier is linked to it in the illustration.