Date made: 1914-1918
Artist: Knox, Archibald
Description: The calligraphy reads 'To the virtue of his Crucifixion with'. Page seven of bound volume.
Materials: watercolour on paper
Object name: book
Collection: Art Collection
ID number: 1958-0202/07

This illustration has simplicity, complexity, beauty and, no doubt, many, many levels of meaning and symbolism.

The cross, the double cross, purple for kingship, Jesus bound to the cross, the hearts in the centre to show His love but they are truncated by His cruel death.

However, the death had to take place so that the resurrection and new beginning (shown by the green shoots springing in all directions) could take place.

Is that what Knox was trying to show? I do not know - I have just written what the illustration conveys to me. This is a subjective and personal view and The Archibald Knox Forum would like to hear your views and comments.

The word "WITH", at the bottom right of the page, refers on to the next illustration.