Date made: 1914-1918
Artist: Knox, Archibald
Description: The calligraphy reads 'His Burial'. Page eight of bound volume.
Materials: watercolour on paper
Object name: book
Collection: Art Collection
ID number: 1958-0202/08

Yesterday's page 7 of the bound volume of The Deer's Cry at the Manx Museum ended "WITH" and today is page 8 "HIS BURIAL."

The woven texture gives the feel of cloth and the browns etc. give the feeling of the earth? The illuminated lettering is shown buried within the design but not completely buried and whatever is binding "HIS BURIAL" is looser than the other tightly bound pattern. In the middle of the weave 5 and 11 lines up from the bottom and 7 lines in from each side are 4 small yellow lines - are these chinks of light showing through? In the looser weave around "HIS BURIAL" are also yellows and blue between the pattern (better seen as you zoom in). Are these the sunlight and sky showing through?

The paragraph above are just my subjective and personal views of this page. The more one looks at any of the pages the more questions there are to ask. Part of Celtic Christianity and Knox's Christianity is that one must search for meanings and God is a mystery we will never solve,

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