A Liberty & Co, jug design 0278 and it is sometimes described as being just a Liberty & Co. piece and sometimes as a definite Knox piece.

The design was registered by Liberty and Co. with the number
421106, and the Liberty pewter sketchbook states that there is a variant with 5 enamels.

The images below show photographs of the design and the entry from the Liberty & Co. pewter sketchbook ,

The pattern is made from a frieze of alternating stylised leaves.

The design is a very good example of counter change (Variation in a pattern created by reversing colours in alternate motifs) and Knox taught such concepts to his students.

Although there is no conclusive proof to date regarding the designer the jug is being included in this post so that it can be assessed by you.

The Archibald Knox Forum is neutral in its attribution to Knox but it is not apparent who else at Liberty & Co. could have designed the jug.

The photographs are shown courtesy of David Lockwood.

David also said "I should point out that this jug in photograph 4 is not missing the lid. The handle is lower than the lidded versions in order to maintain the sense of proportion."