Onchan Churchyard has two Archibald Knox designed gravestones dated 1912 and 1920:

Catherine Elizabeth Skillicorn 25 September 1912.

Catherine died on 23 September 1912 at Royal Avenue, Onchan at the age of 30. She was the beloved wife  of Samuel Skillicorn and she was buried in Onchan Churchyard on 25th September.

Apparently the stone was picked, almost at random, by members of the family as it had been cut (but not lettered) without a specific client in mind.

The gravestone is in poor condition and the lettering and designs are not easy to pick out.

The photographs below give some idea of the beautiful design, lettering and deterioration of this example of Knox' work.

Marion Adela Thomason (nee Skelding) 16 June 1920.

Marion died on 14 June 1920 at Mrs Risley's, Edendale, Royal Avenue, Onchan. She was the wife of Commissioner G A Thomason and was interred in Onchan Churchyard on 16 June 1920.

The headstone is in good condition with the design and lettering still well preserved.

Skillicoen Onchan

Skillicoen Onchan

Skillicoen Onchan - Copy

Skillicorn detail

Skillicoen Onchan - Copy - Copy

These five photographs were taken some years ago and show that the stonemason was Thomas Quayle.

Skillicorn Onchan 09 Apr 2018

Skillicorn Onchan 09 Apr 2018 - Copy

Skillicorn Onchan 09 Apr 2018 (2)

Skillicorn Onchan 09 Apr 2018 - Copy (2) - Copy

These last four photographs were taken on a visit to Onchan Churchyard on 9th April 2018.

The deterioration is very apparent even though the latest photographs have been enhanced to bring out the lettering as best as possible.

Thomason Onchan

Thomason Onchan

Beautiful Knox lettering and the "o" in Marion shaped as a heart - so typical of Knox.

Thomason detail

The first three photographs were taken some years ago and the details show that the daughter and husband both died in Knox's lifetime and, therefore, there is a uniformity of design and lettering throughout the headstone.

The photographs below were taken on 9th April 2018 and show that the design and lettering are well preserved compared with many of the others.

Thomason Onchan 09 Apr 2018

Thomason Onchan 09 Apr 2018