Wiliam Robert Kennaugh (died at sea 17th November 1929)

This is an incredible gravestone and has many more people's names on it now. It was set up initially for William Robert Kennaugh who died at sea on SS Biafra on 17th November 1929 at the age of 33. He was the dearly loved only son of John Edward and Eleanor Kennaugh, 16 Peel Road, Douglas.

The memorial to Robert is around the top of the gravestone and reads: "To the glory of God in memory of William Robert Kennaugh who died and was buried at sea 17th Nov 1929 aged 33 years."

The standard of carving and the design are wonderful and we will let it speak for itself rather than comment on it.

It may be totally unrelated but looking through The Port of London records of 13th December 1929 SS Biafra was infested with rats and had to be fumigated with sulphur dioxide and traps had to be set.


The gravestone some years ago