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30 June 2019

A visit to Marown churchyard, Old St Runius churchyard, Renshent Keeill and Onchan churchyard to see gravestones and sites of Knox interest. The visit covered 5 Knox designed gravestones and the Keeill (old chapel) where Knox wrote a spiritual poem. It was written whilst Knox was laying next to Renshent Keeill and the poem was […]

The events held in 2019 were:

The 3 month exhibition at the Manx Museum ended on 13th January 2019 A talk, film and exhibition for the University of the Third Age (U3A) at St John’s Mill on the Isle of Man – 20 June 2019 If you wish to have such a function for a group, please contact The Archibald Knox […]

05 May 2019:

Visit to Braddan New Cemetery 05 May 2019 Order of graves from 1896 up to 1933 The Archibald Knox designed headstones in New Braddan Cemetery span a period of 37 years and are varied in style, structure and stone/rock composition. Some are showing signs of weathering whilst others look remarkably fresh. As well as the […]

20 May 2018:

There are eight gravestones in Douglas Borough cemetery, designed by Archibald Knox, of which six are in fairly good order, one is almost illegible and another one, where an adjacent headstone has fallen and badly damaged the grave surround. Seven of the gravestones are dated between 1914 (for J M Nicholson’s death in 1913) and […]

09 April 2018:

Knox’s 154th birthday was celebrated on 9th April and it was a beautiful sunny day on the Isle of Man. We started at Braddan Church at 10am and then entered No. 40 Cronkbourne Village – where Knox was believed to have been born in 1864 (our thanks go to Braddan Parish Commissioners and the prospective […]