Talks and Workshops held at drop–in center

The following list shows activities that have been held at the 3 drop-in centre events so far:

  • Display of some original Knox items on loan to The Archibald Knox Forum, including metalwork, terracotta and Jewellery.
  • Display of the books and other resources on loan to The Archibald Knox Forum.
  • Film of the 2014 Olympia Exhibition lecture courtesy of Culture Vannin and Anthony Bernbaum.
  • 10 to 15 minute talks on:
    1. Origins of the “Cymric” and “Tudric” ranges of Liberty & Co.
    2. Industrial espionage in Victorian and Edwardian England. (with examples of design stealing).
    3. A personal view of Knox enamels and the meaning of some of the colours.
    4. Workshop on the interpretation of silver hallmarks and Liberty & Co. marks.
    5. Introduction to when is a Knox not a Knox - with examples.
  •  Video on how a modern reproduction Knox clock is made by A E Williams.