Watercolour 34


Date made: 1884-1933

Artist: Knox, Archibald

Description: A watercolour view by Archibald Knox (1864-1933) of a small farm, entitled 'Ballaneb' by the artist ('Balla' is Manx for 'farmstead' and is a common Manx place-name element). The name appears to either be totally obsolete or was possibly invented and is thought to refer to a farm near the river Neb, probably between St Johns and the fishing port of Peel. As with many of his watercolours, this can be seen as an exercise in capturing the light and a single moment in time with the atmospheric clouds partly obscuring the hills, possibly Slieau Whallian, in the background.

Measurements: unframed artwork: 44 cm x 58 cm

Materials: watercolour on paper

Photograph and description courtesy of Manx National Heritage via the link at imuseum.im.